How To Overcome Objections As A Financial Advisor

Learn What Objections People Have:

Most objections to financial advisors boil down to these: 1. The prospect already has a financial advisor. 2. They are not currently in the position to invest. 3. They are not interested in investing.

Avoid Spamming People With Information:

If a prospect is interested in reaching out to a financial advisor but is intimidated and unsure about this next step in their financial life, the worst thing you can do is to bombard them with lots of information. The financial world is confusing and intimidating to many, so it’s important to employ your listening skills to understand where a potential client is at and to help you offer specific and helpful information.

Strengthen Your Soft Skills

To build trust, as well as to communicate skills and confidence, you need to invest efforts to strengthen your soft skills. Here are some soft skills that you can work on:

Be an active listener

This will help you inspire trust in prospective clients and understand what they want.  If they feel heard, they will know that you genuinely care about them and their success.

Be an engaging storyteller

When you do talk about your work, you want to be engaging.  Listening is great but you may not be as effective if you bore or confuse a prospective client when you start talking.

Keep an arsenal of analogies and stories on hand

You need to communicate the possibilities for a prospective client’s financial future, and you need to do it in a way that is easily understood by anyone–whether or not they have a lot of financial know-how. You can use a mix of real-life experiences as well as stories you have read or heard about-–just be clear about whether you are sharing something that is fact or fiction.

Make an Offer

Using good listening and questioning skills, you should be able to understand the root concerns of a potential client’s objections.  Be clear about what you can do for the client and follow up with an offer.  You won’t turn prospects into clients if you don’t at least make an offer.

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