Taking The Red Pill: Part I

The Myers Methods is something that we implement in real estate, but the Red Pill is our model for a centered life. And the Red Pill is what I prescribe to anyone that I work with in financial services. The point of this model is to have you look at yourself and to ask yourself the right questions. These questions help you understand who you are and what changes you need to make in your approach to your work and relationships in order to feel that your life is worthwhile and meaningful.

The Red Pill I prescribe has six levels: Self-image, relationships, work, health, prosperity, and significance. Now maybe you’re not interested because we’re not just talking about making more money. Because that’s what it’s all about right? It’s all about the climb and making more money? No! Because none of that matters when you don’t love yourself and you don’t feel good about the work that you do. So let’s have a conversation about living a life that is fulfilling.

In this article, we’ll discuss the three underpinnings of the Red Pill: self-image, relationships, and work. These are the sources of stress that need to be taken care of before you can experience true fulfillment in life.


Where to begin? We start at the core. When you take the Red Pill, you may want to start by changing everything around you, but the change needs to begin with you. First off, if you feel like you need to put a mask on to go about your life and business, then you’re probably not living your best life. To feel like you can be yourself and do the things that you want, you need to do something about it.

You need to show up as your best self and show the world who you are. At the end of the day, we do business with people and people need to get to know you and what you stand for. That way, once they get to know you then they can decide whether they want to pursue a business relationship with you. Remember that not everyone is going to like you. But if you show up as yourself, the people that do want to do business with you will be excited about it.

Another important piece of relationships is developing trust. If there is a disconnect between you and your message, then that trust is going to evaporate immediately. Anything that is created through marketing that isn’t true to who you are is going to feel wrong. And if your marketing isn’t successful in selling your persona to others, then you’re not going to get people to work with you. And if it is successful, and you can fool everyone else, then it will be exhausting. You’ll have to put your mask on at work, and when you get home, you’ll be drained from doing that instead of just being yourself and enjoying your work.


Mutually beneficial relationships are the healthiest relationships. Do you know what happens when you act as a source for others but don’t feel connected to anything that’s filling the bucket? That’s a one-sided relationship, and you end up feeling depleted. This is to say that if you have a bunch of people who are coming to you for things but aren’t giving anything back then you need to start reframing your relationships so that they are mutually beneficial to both parties. If there are no mutual benefits, then it cannot be a healthy relationship.

A deliberate question you can ask yourself to figure out whether you need to reframe a relationship is simple: What has that person done for you lately? That may sound cold and transactional, but if you look at the people that you interact with the most and think about whether they’ve done anything for you lately, and there’s not much, then you need to make some changes. I believe that we have to serve others, but I also believe that the universe is there to serve us as well.


What you’ll find in the workplace, once you show up as yourself and have accountable relationships, is that people are going to be attracted to you. They will know that they can count on you and that you’ll hold them accountable. People look to that when they’re looking for someone to follow. Individuals will be able to feel good about working with you because they can see an alignment between your stated values and your actions. And those things will lead to expansion, and together, these things will help your work to be fulfilling.

Self-image, relationships, and work are the bottom three pieces of the Red Pill that we have to take care of to begin working on the next level, which is health. But just starting with these few stressors will be foundational in helping you create a more fulfilling life.

As a multifamily investing coach, I work with people every day who want to know how to find the best real estate deals and successfully learn real estate investing. I combine my Myers Method investing course with my Red Pill methodology to help people achieve success in all aspects of their life.


Taking The Red Pill: Part I