10 Steps to Stand Out as a Trusted Financial Advisor

Financial advising is an extremely rewarding and profitable career path. It comes with opportunities for growth, unlimited earning potential, and flexibility that nine-to-five office work can’t offer. It’s these advantages that make financial advising a sought-after career. And it’s these exact reasons that also make the financial services industry so competitive.

Don’t let the idea of some stiff competition deter you from becoming the best financial advisor out there. Working as a financial advisor comes with some unique challenges, and you can succeed when you put in the work to differentiate yourself.

How to Establish Yourself as a Financial Advisor

Your livelihood depends on your ability to distinguish yourself. What can you do to gain a foothold in this competitive field? Let’s explore 10 ways you can stand out as a financial advisor.

#1 – Think Like a Client

When it comes to matters of financial security, no one is looking for mediocre service. If the tables were turned and you needed a financial advisor, would you want an average financial advisor with subpar skills to manage your money?

Ordinary doesn’t fly in today’s world. Just about anyone can claim to be a trusted, knowledgeable, and client-focused financial advisor. You have to be an extraordinary advisor to make it to the top.

#2 – Develop New Skills

Stationary and stagnant efforts lead to a stationary and stagnant career. When you do not take the time to improve and expand your skills, you trap yourself in your current condition.

We live in an ever-changing society. You can choose to either remain up-to-date or fall behind. Developing new skills will look different for every financial advisor, so start by finding some area of expertise you want to fine-tune and go from there.

#3 – Interact With Your Community

Part of being a financial advisor is growing a client base. People like to do business with someone they already know, admire, and feel they can trust. Putting your finances in the hands of a complete stranger with no known reputation doesn’t sound too appealing, right?

Making a name for yourself is all about making yourself known in all the best ways. Being active in your local community is a great way for others outside of your inner circle to get to know you.

#4 – Make Every Client Count

Just like people want to do business with those they know, people are also more likely to follow recommendations that come from those they know. We love to tell others about our experiences. This means that you should anticipate that your clients will talk. In fact, you should 100% expect it.

Clients are bound to share what they think about you, whether good or bad. You must make every client feel like they are your most important client because you never know which client could make or break your career with their opinion.

#5 – Keep In Touch With Clients

Do not underestimate just how much your client interactions will shape your prosperity. You need those word-of-mouth referrals that come from positive interactions.

Find ways to connect with current clients, then strive to maintain those connections even after the work wraps up. As you maintain regular communication, you keep the door open for future business together.

Furthermore, imagine the leads that could come from a perfectly-timed check-in with a previous client. You could be fresh on their mind when they have a friend bring up in conversation the need for a financial advisor, and just like that, you have another word-of-mouth referral because you are keeping in touch with clients.

#6 – Show Sincerity

No client wants to feel like just another item on your to-do list. While being genuine might seem like a no-brainer, you would be surprised to discover how often business professionals forget that work is not just about making money.

Authenticity goes a long way. You must show a sincere interest in your client’s overall well-being, not just their financial status.

#7 – Listen More Than You Talk

Showing sincerity goes hand-in-hand with listening. You cannot get to know the individual concerns of your clients when you do all the talking. Most importantly, how will you address the specific needs of your clients if you don’t take the time to be quiet and listen?

Listen first, advise next. Giving advice is just one part of your job description as a financial advisor. Listening is one of the best strategies to differentiate yourself from other advisors because clients will remember people in their lives that care enough to stop and listen.

#8 – Remain Positive

In a world of financial insecurity, you need to make your clients feel financially secure. That’s no small task.

Most adults feel some level of stress and anxiety when discussing financial matters, and you should anticipate being a part of some tense moments. Your job is to stay positive despite the emotions your clients bring to the conversation.

#9 – Utilize Technology as a Marketing Tool

If you are not taking advantage of technology, you are missing out on opportunities to establish yourself as an expert in financial advising. While there is a rather endless list of ways to utilize technology, even the smallest marketing efforts are helpful.

The key to marketing is consistent efforts. Be active on LinkedIn. Formulate a Facebook group or Facebook page. Start a YouTube channel. Host webinars. Email out a weekly newsletter.

And most importantly, make sure your own personal website is top-notch, highlighting your strengths and qualifications. Better yet, make it SEO-friendly to get your website higher in the search engine rankings.

#10 – Seek the Guidance of a Coach

Want to learn more about how to market yourself as a financial advisor? Hire a coach! For wealth advisors, working with a coach can be the very component that sets you apart from the competition.

As with any job path, you might find yourself stuck in a rut from time to time, especially during those periods when life feels mundane and repetitive. The outside perspective of a coach can shine a light on new ways you can improve your performance and further steps you can take to stand out as a financial advisor.


Financial advising offers growth, unlimited earnings, and flexibility, but the competitive landscape demands differentiation. Advisors must prioritize a client-centered mindset, continuous skill development, and active community engagement. Treating each client as pivotal, maintaining positive communication, and leveraging technology for marketing are key strategies for success in this dynamic field.

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10 Steps to Stand Out as a Trusted Financial Advisor